Savanna Lamaison


“Available in house now through March 24th!”

My name is Savanna and I look forward to creating lasting and intimate memories with you.

I have a very mischievous side with a sharp wit that is guaranteed to make you laugh and smile. I believe that the more our friendship grows in each session and the more we become comfortable with one another, then the more fulfilling our time spent together becomes.

Imagine that you cannot stop smiling at a beautiful redhead who leads you to a spontaneous location…You then have an unforgettable and completely new experience.

In private, I’m a very deep and passionate person. I realize when it is time to be understanding and serious. I consider myself a professional in my craft, I hold myself to complete confidentiality of anything being said or done in each session. I love getting to experience and witness how much I help people work through their own psyche…Exploring their dreams and experiencing the adventure through every fantasy.

Communication is the key. I do take hourly appointments, but the deep connections come from multiple escapades. Our true potential for the most meaningful of experiences can not be fully reached in one hour. If you desire to be captivated, enamored, and fully seduced (mind, body, and soul) feel free to contact me. I can’t wait to get started.

-Savanna Lamaison