“Hello, all of my extraterrestrial friends!”

Hello, all of my extraterrestrial friends! My name is Ruby, consider me your rare gem from out of this world. I am originally from California and currently reside in Nevada. What drove me was my passion for seeking thrill and excitement in a new place. Most consider me a rolling stone, fun-loving, and free-spirited. I don’t shy away from new experiences.

Some of my best features are my curvy thighs, unmatched ass, and a beautiful smile to top it all off. I truly enjoy intimacy and being able to provide the best girlfriend experience you can imagine. Tell me some of your fantasies? I want to hear everything that you need. Let’s make all our dreams a REALITY. I am here for your undivided attention and pleasure and want to explore a new adventure with you. Feel free to contact me anytime, let’s start in a world of spontaneous passion and create a full level of seduction. I can’t wait to hear from you!

-RUBY <3

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