Rosie Lou

    Age: 23 yrs old
    Bust: 30D
    Waist: 26”
    Hips: 34”
    Hair: Brunette
    Eyes: Hazel

    Email: [email protected]



    “Let your imagination run wild here”

    As a (nearly) lifelong Las Vegas local, I have a lust for adventure. This cute little house outside of Sin city is the perfect place for us to explore the more cosmic aspects of our being. As a grad student, I prefer spending my spare time partaking in hedonistic pleasures that help me forget about the mundane responsibilities of the days I spend at school. My main goal in meeting you is to afford you the same pleasure that I’m seeking here. Being a companion, I get to indulge in all of my (and your) desires and constantly discover new ones! But I do have favorites…

    GFE— I always enjoy a slow, sensual buildup in order for us to experience optimal pleasure.

    Anything to do with my derriere— let your imagination run wild here.

    Group Dates— there’s nothing that excites me more than partying with multiple people at once. We can choose from one of our pretty ladies here, or you can bring your own

    Role-play— choose one of my outfits, or bring one for me to wear, and we can make your wildest fantasies come true

    Domination— while I enjoy the sensual side of sex, I also enjoy a party where I’m in complete control. Come take a look at my toys and props, and meet me in the interrogation room for an abduction that’s out of this world

    As for booking, I like for everyone participating in the party to feel comfortable. While shorter parties can be lots of fun, I find that longer parties can allow for more sensual experiences. Longer engagements allow chemistry to develop at a natural pace and our relationship to evolve in the most authentic manner possible. Girlfriend experience is best for me because I love being tender and giving. I’m also an excellent kisser and masseuse.

    For the most genuine, natural experience, I strongly suggest giving consideration to booking a longer party. An encounter that allows for us to develop a connection will foster an environment for the most sensual encounter possible. This type of engagement, I assure you, will leave you thinking of the two (or more) of us together for weeks to come.

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