Molly Cox

Age: 24
Height: 5’3
Weight: 120 lbs
Bust: 32A
Bi-Sexual: Yes
Fetish-Friendly: Yes
Kissing/Cuddling/GFE: Yes



“Sexy As Fuck!!!”

I’ll be your best (If you let me…) I have a great body, nice ass and an amazing pussy! Funny, I’m always trying to make people laugh and smile which makes life fun for me and you! I am a young 24 year-old blonde to the core. Blonde hair yes, blonde personality just a little bit crazy, but a lot of fun for you! Sometimes I’m too much, in general, to handle for you and for myself and for life! I’m an extremely positive person. I think arguing, fighting, and bitching about shit is a waste of time—and I don’t like to waste my time ever! Time is irreplaceable! You can’t ever get that time back, so make all your time great for yourself…and I can make all your time with me even greater! I’m as real as it can get. I’m a very down-to-earth, realistic, logical, and not emotional woman. They don’t make ‘em like me anymore! Yep, I’m pretty awesome and I love to enjoy life. I love to party and I like to drink and have wild drunk sex! I absolutely love oral. I’m saying for both male and female. Yeah, I love getting pussy too. Lesbian sex is so much fun! But as for the male gender, let me tell you, I love getting this pussy banged the fuck out at my home at Alien Cathouse. So you should come visit me. It’s paradise here where I am—very beautiful, perfect weather and so many experiences waiting to be had for you and me. Which is awesome times, realistic dreams, and magic happenings! I’m the smoking hot blonde in your life that’s got an amazing pussy, phenomenal mouth, great personality and can give you awesome sex! So come into Molly’s world where there is never a dull moment. I can be everything for you, and can have me any way you want me! I’m a whole lot of fun and I love sex! I’m available 24/7, exclusively at Alien Cathouse!


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