Mikki Lynn

Age: 29
Height: 5 7’
Weight: 120 lbs
Bust: 34B
Bi-Sexual: Yes

Email: [email protected]


    “Southern Belle…Sexual Rebel!!!”

    Hey, what’s up out there! I’m writing this from my cute little bedroom at the Alien Cathouse legal brothel just outside Las Vegas, Nevada — and all I can say is…what took me so long to get here!

    Well, I’ve always been a sexual rebel, as they say, so no wonder I finally found this amazing place! I never want to leave! But you need to know a lot more about me, so you know why you will definitely want to join me in my bed. Oh yes, we are going to be up-close and personal, so what you need to know about me is…I’m a true Southern Belle!

    Complete with proper etiquette, politeness, and discretion! I am funny, comedic, flirty, outgoing gal who is way down-to-earth! I am very classy and sophisticated, but unlike all those haughty bitches who are total ice-queens to most guys, I am as friendly, open, and interested in you as…the girl-next-door! Really! I love all sorts of men, women, and even couples, I am always able to find common-ground with anyone! I pride myself on being friends with everyone I meet and screw! So what does all that make me? Oh fuck, I’m a goddamn barrel of fun is what I am!

    I’m a nymph! A sexual rebel! I love getting it on! With everyone! I I am a unrelenting lover, a literal sex animal—I am into GFE, fetishes, fantasy XXX role-play–and I especially love to do the 69 and multi-person sex parties! I will ride you until we both cum hard! What is your preference? Let’s see…gaze at my succulent lips, rest assured they do a lot more than hold my lipstick in place! Hint, hint, nudge, nudge! Check out my long sexy legs, imagine me clamping down and wrapping them around you like a lobster chomping on a helpless minnow!

    I’ll squeeze you like a lemon! Are you into feet? Get a load of these scorching hot hoofers! I’ve got quite a pair–perfect for licking, jerking you off, and even stuffing down your throat. If you are into that kind of thing of course—but whatever it is, let’s fuck! But even that’s not all! I love being a sub—feel free to take complete control of me, physically, mentally and spiritually, I am all yours! And…I’m a hipster!

    A regular culture-vulture, I am down for anything you want to do around town!—-just as you would expect from a life-positive 24/7 hottie like me! Yup! And I won’t flip out on you! Promise! Not a screw loose anywhere! Happy and livin’ the dream! That’s me, so let’s dine together–tonight! Hit me up with a very hot letter, and we are in business ASAP! Do it!!


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