Melissa Kiss

Kiss/Make-out/GFE: Yes



“I am your Ultimate Erotic Provocateur.”

First, I wish to thank you for stopping here at my little bio as I know there are many beautiful ladies to choose from so I am extremely flattered that I caught your eye.

I hope what you read here serves to help you decide if we are compatible.

A Bit About Me:

I thoroughly believe in physiological and mental healing through the art of pleasure and seduction.

My personality is FUN and welcoming. I am very attentive and details matter. So rest assured, when we are together I am fully focused on you.

I wish to create a space for us to share in carnal exploration. I am non judging and extremely open minded so I welcome all kinks and fetishes. My absolute special is sensuality which goes with everything.

It is my ultimate pleasure and passion to create fantasies which bring happiness and satisfaction to all those who choose me, for, I want you to want me again and again.

I believe that it is absolutely vital to carve time out from the pressures and responsibilities of everyday life to replenish yourself. You are no good to anyone if you are run down and tired.

By purposefully submitting to corporeal pleasures you are cleansing your mind and rejuvenating your physiological and mental energy.

To submit is to regain strength. Allow me to be your guide through a lust-filled hedonistic adventure. Your pleasure is my pleasure.

Every part of me is feminine. I have an appetite for salacious indulgence and live to partake in willful and filthy debauchery.

Of course we can discuss global issues and share in ideas of how to better mankind but something tells me, that is not what you are seeking. However if it is, I am college educated ​​so I will have no problem keeping up with you.

I am much more than simply, “GFE”.

I am your Ultimate Erotic Provocateur.

A Hedonistic Goddess.

Happily accommodating your most carnal masculine urges.

Be it an hour, an evening, an over night, Simply take my hand, let me be your pleasure and give me your relief.

I wish to leave with you many lust-filled naughty dreams and memories of my angelic feminine face, almond shaped dark bedroom eyes, submissive nature and sweet demeanor.

My silky long blonde hair, my pink plump soft wet lips, my french inherited décolletage of which leads to perky 34DDD breasts.

Remembering the small of my back as your lips found their way to my inner thighs, your finger tips softly caressing my creamy soft skin searching for warmth…

You won’t forget my luscious hips, plump behind and thick titillating thighs, my oh so cute manicured small feet.

My soft curves are perfect for absorbing the power and thrust of your manhood.

It is my ultimate passion to create fantasies which bring happiness and satisfaction to all those who choose me. I want you, to want me again and again.

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If you choose to just pop in vs Pre-booking, please remember to buzz door bell Twice and tell the hostess you are there to see ME.

I am very easy to contact so please don’t be shy! Contact me! Let’s get acquainted!


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