Madam Sonja


“Dennis Hof’s 1st & Only Madam on the Menu”

aka Trinity Powers

I am also an author, ordained minister, porn star, Reiki Master, nudist, post-humanist, and former school teacher. However, the most rewarding role I’ve ever had the pleasure to enjoy is that of Courtesan and Sexual Healer. Getting out of my head and immersing myself into the pleasures of the flesh has been an adventure of a lifetime. We can always pillow talk later about the meaning of life. But first, I want to have fun and orgasms! When a person is an artist that predisposition emerges in every area of their life. It is the same for me. Whether I am painting a picture or drawing the last gasp of pleasure with you – I can promise the experience will be provocative. Come see me and let’s make memories that will keep you hard into your old age.

When anyone says, “You look so familiar, have we met?” My go-to answer is “Very likely…if you watch porn.” The only difference is my name… I am Trinity Powers on-screen. I chronicled my “behind the scenes” porn experiences in my 2nd book, “Sex Warrior”. I can promise that whether I was deflowering a virgin of ALL his virginities or taking on two guys at once for revenge sex against a cheating husband… I was having a blast! Cumming for your enjoyment was my pleasure. I hope you enjoy those films as much as I did. Three dimensional Sonja , however, is even more fun than Trinity Powers. With me as your courtesan – we can change up roles of director and actor to suit our whims. Let’s script your fantasies into reality and enjoy scene after scene after scene. A little about me & how I got here… I grew up as an only child of parents who were “Fire & Ice” …My father was a Sicilian/Cherokee, a country boy, and a criminal. My mother was a Russian/Norwegian 2nd generation Hollywood model. I got her body and his libido. I was a sexually precocious girl and nothing has changed except the intensity & range of my desires since I have ripened into my womanhood. As a teen I was a ham – Jr. Miss, a thespian, a competitive orator, & even a Lead singer in a Gospel band. I bolted out of high school as a type A running an international service biz with hundreds of my own IC’s and employees all over the world. I enjoyed a hedonistic lifestyle of jet-setting, celebrity parties, and all the friends money could buy through my 20’s & 30’s. I blew through a few fortunes as only the immature can do through that phase until I settled down and began exploring my “country” side. My dad moved the family to a farm for a couple of my formative years and that was enough to seal my appreciation for rural living. I am as at ease rubbing elbows with the stars but I am just as at ease enjoying casual friends around a campfire in the middle of nowhere. Regardless of the scenario – I am most comfortable making friends via sex. It’s just such a wonderful shortcut to intimacy! So let’s make friends. The orgasms we give each other can be chalked up to our efforts to increase overall world happiness.


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