Your Curvy, bubbly, Charismatic Muse

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You go through your everyday life. Maybe married. Unmarried. Children. Maybe none. You see an alone, single female out... Wonder what her bedroom is like at night. You watch her walk and wonder what she's like naked in that bedroom. Maybe she's not in that bedroom at all. Maybe you wonder if she's open enough to be up against a wall in a public place. Different things race through that head of yours. You pay for your items and go home. And the next day begins as it always does....

I assure you that I can add a little excitement to your life even if it's only for a moment and that's what can be wonderful! And mysterious!


I'm an educated, professional BBW who offers companionship.

I'm not the typical woman with the typical emotions. You meet a woman, go on a date, maybe you spent the evening together. She wants a text as soon as you get home, and the next day, maybe she starts to get clingy. I'm the opposite I'm a lady whose greatest joy (after absorbing knowledge, reading enthralling novels, and a stiff drink) is the ecstasy found in touching and being touched. I'm interested in exploring the musings and corners of your mind that remain stifled or undiscovered. 32931933_1563130450477121_8781164398786904064_n.jpg Layloni_2_preview.jpeg.jpg 28208479_1474098076047026_621705106_o.jpg Layloni_3_preview.jpeg.jpg 37f0ba286267a70c3e6ee48e105ffa7c.jpg 64857b7a9e73ece21276f62bead2bce4.jpg