Who are your Heroes?



Who are the people who inspire you? Who do you look up to? You can respond with the name of any celebrity, friend, family member or acquaintance. Feel free to also explain why they inspire you.
For me, it's Lizzie Velasquez...the girl that many know had been named "The Ugliest Girl in the World" at one point. I admire her because she was born with "what some may view" as a severe disadvantage in this world. She was born with a condition called Marfanoid–progeroid–lipodystrophy which prevents her from accumulating fat. Her physical appearance is very distinctive and can be perceived as unpalatable by some. I really like her because although she has struggled through so much in her life due to her syndrome, she is a very positive and engaging person. I love her message about accepting others regardless of the way they look. I think her message is especially important in today's highly superficial society in which many are dismissed for not looking a certain way.