Unexpected Fun with Lisa Grace


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On my last day in Las Vegas, I made my way out to the Alien Cathouse for my second visit during my business trip. I went mainly to say hello to those ladies I may have missed on my visit a few days earlier. And I promised I would come back out before leaving for home. This time, I got to spend some time getting to know Lisa Grace. We talked in the parlor for a while, sang karaoke, and played Scrabble before going back to her room to "talk." Well, let's say we did more than talk.

Negotiation were easy with this lovely lady. I must say she has a heart of pure gold, but I would expect nothing less from a Texas woman. (The trick, gentlemen, is being polite and respectful.) With the formalities out of the way, I took a quick shower while she handled the paperwork. I never talk about intimate details from a party of the nature in which we engaged. This lovely lady and I found common ground, made a very good connection, and I felt that it showed in the time we spent together. She took me to the heights of ecstasy before cuddling beside me to talk and hold each other. She is such a beautiful woman, inside and out. Whether you want something slow and sensual, like I experienced or a bit more on the wild side, I am certain this woman would treat you just right. Thank you so much for our time together, @LisaGrace


Amazing Review, happy you got to know this woman and have great time with @LisaGrace, she is so sweet and caring. I got to know her myself a little bit, and she awesome and beautiful.