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Mainly color of stone coated stainless steel roofing
Materials used in the building of stone coated stainless steel roofing include roof vents, flashing for piping, ridge vents and gutter protection. These can all be made with stone coated stainless steel. Other materials will also be needed in building, such as rake covers, starter strips, valleys, sealant and attachments.
Advantages of Stone Coated Steel Roofing
There are many advantages to stone coated steel roofing. The average warranty on stone-coated steel roofing is at least 50 years. It saves teardown cost as it can be installed right over existing asphalt shingles. It’s lightweight at about 1.3 lbs per square foot and increased energy efficiency with low environmental impact. Most metal roofing has a high recycled content. This helps to conserve natural resources and energy. It adds resale value to the home or building, and some insurance companies offer discounts on stone coated steel roofs due to its fire and weather resistance for its protection from the elementsRoof Heat Insulation Materials suppliers