Pressure Gauge suppliers

Threaded pressure gauge
Working medium: gas
Pressure range0-4bar
InstallationRadial direction
The connection methodThread
Internal oilGlycerine(shockproof)
The working principle of the mechanical pressure gauge is to indicate the pressure value by elastic deformation of the internal elastic sensitive element under pressure. The mechanical pressure gauge generally uses a spring tube, a diaphragm, a bellows and a bellows as elastic elements. After the deformation occurs, it will be deformed and amplified by the gear transmission mechanism to display the corresponding pressure value.
Installation method: 1. Under normal circumstances, the instrument should be installed vertically upwards for easy observation. 2. The interface of the universal standard pressure gauge dial 桅60 is M14*1.5 external thread. 3. Sealing should be installed with sealing gasket such as PTFE.Pressure Gauge suppliers