New girl in town 🖤

First and foremost I want to thank you for taking the time to read this and learn a little bit about me!
Welcome to my first post👽



Where are you from ?
- Yelm, Washington

What brings you out to The Alien cat house?

- I've been in the adult industry a bit starting this year so I'm fairly new to it! I started off Cam girling and moved onto Dancing! I'm always open for new adventures and I thought this is exactly what I'm looking for in my life right now!

Have you ever been to Nevada before?

- No! This is my first time here and I'm already loving it!

Do you believe in aliens?

- I do! I believe there are a ton of things we still have no idea about space! Do you believe??👽🖤😝

What is a goal you have right now?

- I am really looking into starting college here in the near future! I love animals so much so I'd really like to go into Veterinary care.

Favorite food?
- Italian food! I love lasagna ( meat free, I'm a vegetarian fun fact! )🤤

Favorite animal?

- I love unicorns! Yes they are real 🦄

Are you Bisexual?

- I'm actually Pansexual! I enjoy everyones company. Man, women, trans, ect. I'm open to anyone and everyone💖

Favorite position?
- Doggie forsure😍 I'm opening up my horizons to many new things and BDSM is something I've always found quite exciting, so maybe tie that into it some how?? 😘

Do you offer packages?
- Great question! I do! I have a variety of packages to please each and everyones budget and time frame! If you're looking for something fun and quick we can figure soemthing out, or if you're looking to spend hours with just me and you we can book a package to suit that as well!
Ask about my :
🌛Moon Packages
☀️Sun packages
✨Galaxy packages

🦄Unicorn packages

Come here and let's discuss what all these include in my room and you can hear about how much fun we can have 😘

Do you offer Couple Parties?

- YES! I LOVE couples. I very much enjoy both a man and a women in my bed, I love to watch you both as we all have some fun together😚 Let's turn up the heat a notch and have a sexy movie playing in the background for us? 😝

Do you do the Girl Friend Experience?

- Awesome question! This is my FAVORITE thing to offer☺ I love making you feel like you're at home with youre girlfriend/wife/partner. I'm here to please! Come on by and let's start the night off with me making you dinner, move outside and maybe slow dance outside under the Nevada stars? Then have that lead us to some hot tub time? Let's break out the champagne and chocolate covered strawberries! Get all hot and heavy and bring us it back to my room! We can cuddle and watch Netflix while of course ending the night with maybe a classic BJ? Maybe a Nuru massage?? The possibilities are endless!

Do you do anal?

- Ah! The question I've been waiting for!
I am a
Virgin! That's right, gentlemen. I've never had anal. And I'm ready for you to take my virginity! I came into this experience knowing I wanted to open my eyes to new and adventurous things and I think this is exactly what I need in my life😝 Come by and let's chat in my room about how we can make that as memorable as possible for the both of us 💖

How long will you be at the Alien Cathouse for?

- I plan on being here for around 2 weeks this tour! I'd like to come back each month to keep my schedule open to having as much fun as I possibly can!🖤

How can someone get ahold of you for an appointment??

- You can email me!👽 [email protected]
OR you can call the house and set up the appointment 24/7 directly by calling 775-372-5678!

I hope that gives you guys a bit more info on me
🌙🖤 I do offer more then what was posted on here! This is just some of the fun we can have here together! Come here and let's discuss everything else I have to offer! Maybe introduce me to something you love?? I'm open to almost anything once!

I look forward to meeting each and every one of you here at my new home!

Allie Moon 🌛👽