My Vegas Extravaganza



Let’s get a feel for what Sin City is all about. I LOVE to play Private Tour Guide! We might pop into a glitzy suite, then have a song on the karaoke machine. Perhaps dinner at the daddy ds diner , followed by a nice hot tub soak might be in order. Or, maybe, we’ll have fun in my shower in my private suite instead! Having a spicy strip tease might be exactly what you need to build the excitement, causing us to completely loose track of time while I massage you and explore your fantasies for the rest of the night! 28208479_1474098076047026_621705106_o.jpg 28217770_1474098232713677_816780811_o.jpg 28217852_1474097999380367_1807301078_o.jpg 946659218dac7c68aac595ff9df9018d.jpg worth you taking a trip to Las Vegas Too excited need a drink to calm your nerves ? No worries we offer free transportation from Vegas to me :)