First Meeting with Brooklyn Moore


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I made a business trip to Las Vegas recently. I arrived into town well before I could check in at my hotel, so I turned on to Highway 95 for the trip out to Alien Cathouse. While I have been on the boards for a while, I was not prepared for meeting the lovely Brooklyn Moore. She showed me around the place and we ended up in her room. After driving for 2 days to get to Nevada, all I needed was a relaxing massage. Brooklyn was more than happy to oblige. Her soft hands worked the knots out of my back as we chatted like two long-lost friends. She made me feel very relaxed under her tender care with both the conversation and way she worked her hands over my back. I felt very relaxed as the party ended. We then returned to the parlor to chat longer. This woman will make you feel instantly at ease the moment you meet her. I can say that I feel like I made a good friend that day.


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Thank you for this wonderful Review, it was my pleasure finally meeting you even though we have talked back and forth keeping in touch with one another. I'm so happy you felt really relax and comfortable around me, I like the conversations that we had in the bedroom just like you said it felt like long lost friends, to me it felt like we have known each other for months. I had an amazing time with you just giving you relaxing massage on your soft smooth back, and I enjoyed every bit of it. Glad I help to get the knots out of your back from driving for hours on the road. Hope to see you can😘
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