Butterfly Kisses xoxoxoxo



My name is Layloni . I am a truly unique luxury companion

I consider myself to be a bit of a rarity here, as this is a fantasy for me, too. I absolutely love the adventure and excitement of an uncommon situation and believe that there is something suggestively erotic about anonymous sharing.

I'm 100% silly ol me 28217770_1474098232713677_816780811_o.jpg

I am perfect for the man or woman, who wants to feel desired and enjoys the elements of seduction. I love kissing and it is a bit of a guilty pleasure.

Here are some thoughts.. I am told that I have one of the softest kisses.. I will not hold back, I will kiss you and adore you. My priority is to please you.. I aim to become your new All-Time Favorite.. if not, then a close second..

You will always smile when you think back about the times you spent with me.. I will give you the time of your life, whether you have me for an hour or the night with me.. I will pack in as much passion and of me as I can.. to give to you...

Soft Kisses


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I may not have partied with you, Layloni, but I think back on meeting you in the parlor after a different party and can't help but smile. You are so bubbly and charismatic. I could not help but to like you instantly. I hope our paths cross again one day.