Attention Cathouse girls! Anybody up for a crossdress party?

Hi ladies of the Alien Cathouse! For awhile, I've been perusing the boards, spending, honestly, most of my time with the "north" ranches, but there is a story behind that. I would LOVE to swing a trip to Vegas and party at Alien! Here's the thing, I'm a crossdresser, and would LOVE to incorporate that into the party. I'm also a Leo, and the 'attention starved' part of my personality really gets going when I'm dressed feminine, the compliments are gasoline for my libido!

Here's my story!

-When I first became aware of the ranches last spring, to the point of seriously considering a visit to a courtesan, the girl I had chosen to party with was at Love Ranch. However, she got transferred up north later that spring, so I ended up partying in Carson City, and getting sucked into the 'awesome vibe' up there!

As far as a trip to Love Ranch or Alien Cathouse goes, it is very much on my radar, but on the back-burner right now. I've never been to Vegas at all and would like to change that. The coolest thing, for me, about planning a trip to Vegas (and Love Ranch or Alien?) is that I am aware of a makeover studio specializing in cross-dressers, so my plan last spring, never put into action, was to fly into Vegas, go to this studio, just north of downtown, to get "dolled up", and be picked up there to head out to the ranch. This is the one big advantage I would have with a trip to Vegas compared to Reno/Carson. A makeover studio I'd feel comfortable getting made over in. I haven't found one 'up north' specializing in that, yet............

(When I'm dressed girly, I definitely respond to compliments and attention! What can I say, I'm a Leo hahahaha, my girly side loves being chased, instead of being the "chaser", so show me some love!)

Nobody has really caught my eye yet at Alien, but I'll see 100% honest and admit I haven't been scouring the site heavily either, so make your pitch!

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Girl you're so Sexy!! You sure you don't want to be our next cosmic kitten??!!!!;);):love::love: I know all of our ladies would LOVE to party with you! They may have to take turns!!! Some of our ladies here could even share clothes with you!! I see a fashion show in the future!!!!
Thanks Brandi! I love the compliments! The offer of being a cosmic kitten is tempting LOL, maybe a part time summer job for a couple weeks of 'vacation' from my grown-up make-money job LOL, I do love the thought of sharing clothes, I'm a size 16-18 dress (gotta lose the mid-life beer gut LOL) and wear size 8.5/9 heels!