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If you could have a snuggle bsdm or massage party with me which one would you choose

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I've been told I'm the whole package which is almost impossible to find in a woman these days... I have many talents besides having a pretty face and a beautiful body. One thing I've mastered is how to make a man feel like he's a " Man's Man no matter his shade, shape, or size!!

If you are looking for a woman that's confident in who she is, not what she is? Look no further than right here and take a moment to read about me. I'm Fun, Funny, Happy, Classy and a bit old fashion in my thinking that a woman should ALWAYS be a lady in public! " LESS IS MORE! I don't need to wear a dress the size of a T-shirt to get a man's attention.

I live life every day as if it were my last because life is to short to be anything less than grateful!

Here's the best part of all gentlemen... I haven't had my face nipped and tucked, My full beautiful lips aren't injected with fillers. My hair is my own...not woven or clipped into my head... So enjoy running your fingers threw it! My breast are enhanced and that's a beautiful thing...;-) Wink!

I genuinely love what I do because I adore the male species... The very simple creatures that don't ask for much to make you happy. That's not so complicated, is it?
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