Allie Moons Menu 🌙👽🖤



Welcome to my Menu , these are things that I offer as of now. I am open minded about anything you're into that isnt listed, with discretion! So if you dont see something you are into do NOT be afraid to Contact me and we can try and figure something out!

♡ Classic Blow job
♡ Classic hand job
♡ Vanilla sex
♡ Bi sexual Encounters
♡ Three somes
♡ Couples
♡ Origies
♡ Shower parties
♡ Strip Show
♡ Nuru Massage
♡ Over night stays
♡ Pegging
♡ Partner Masturbation
♡ Half and Half
♡ Feet Love
♡ Anal ♡

I'm so excited to have all of you come join me and the other beautiful ladies here at The Alien Cathouse that is open 24/7! You can email me directly to set up an appointment at [email protected] or call 775-372-5678♡

xoxo Allie Moon 🌙👽🖤