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Well, here it is. I’m a 41 year old man, been through my first, and god willing, only divorce. It’s hard raising a child who has two homes, but I grew up the same way. My parents divorced when I was maybe six months old, so I have no memory of them living together.

I was born in Utah, into the Mormon faith. I’ve thought of leaving the faith for a long time, but I stick around just to keep my fellow Mormons on their toes. I have shown up to church events looking kinda goth, all metalled up, and the most anyone says is they’re glad I could make it.

My mom has been married six times. She came to the realization that the only decent guy she had was my father, but that ship has long since sailed. One guy, she married twice, divorced twice, and since two of my brothers came from that marriage, they still talk. Her third husband was an alcoholic drug addict that when we left the first time, he checked into a rehab facility in St. George. It was all a ruse, as he kept drinking and using, just hid it better, but we witnessed his behavior. I was enrolled in two different schools my sixth grade year because my mom couldn’t decide whether or not to stay with the guy. We ended up leaving when he threatened us to have our stuff out of his house. He then begged us to come back. We didn’t. He later died from a drug overdose.

My mom then moved us out of state to Washington. I kinda miss Washington, but I kinda don’t. She married a dude in the army. 11 years together, and we were back in Utah. I don’t have many fond memories of him, as he drank heavily, and targeted me coz I’m overweight. This year, though, he sent me a friend request on Facebook. I accepted, but I haven’t chatted with him, though I have commented on a few posts.

The last guy she married...barely worth mentioning. Just another loser looking to sponge.

I myself haven’t had very good luck in relationships. I was in a long distance relationship with a woman named Sheri who lived in Wyoming...but I found out she was not in Wyoming but North Dakota. And she sent a bus ticket to her ex to travel from Texas to be with her, which kiboshed that relationship. A year later, he leaves, and she wants to start again with me, but I’m not having it. I had an on and off girlfriend that saw us become official for little more than 8 hours, then I see an offline message on Yahoo that we should just be friends. Then came my ten year marriage where my only function was to drive my wife to her boyfriends and buy cigarettes. After all that, I’m done. The best thing that came of it was my daughter.

I also work at Amazon, I enjoy concerts, and I’ve been a gamer since I was three years old.

I hope to be back on the brothel scene soon.


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Thanks @OldNick for sharing some of your life. I've had similar situations on this Earth. you'll find the right lady, it just takes time. May not be when you want it, but it'll happen. I also was a "Big" guy growing up ( Hell I still am) and I know how tuff that is ( at least for me.) Hope you have a Great Day. Again thanks for sharing. :)


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I just read your post and I appreciate you putting it out here. I was intrigued with your story since I also live in Utah. I'm sure there are relationships that work, but wow, there sure seem to be a lot that don't. It's a tough challenge to find the right situation (and no, I haven't found it and I'm old enough that I don't expect to change my situation). I can relate to you comment about your daughter being the best thing since my sons and daughter, and now grandchildren, are a huge blessing in my life. Anyway, thank you for sharing and I hope for great things for you. I am also a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I maybe keep things stirred up by my comments and thinking in church settings.. hahaha. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Take care and thanks again for sharing.


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Thank you so much for sharing @Old Nick ! What an interesting story you have! Its a pleasure to have you here on our new forums. I do hope that sometime you will make it down here to us and say hello. We love meeting our board members.

Love finds us when it wants to. Usually when we aren't expecting it!! Eventually someone comes around that will help with the lonely nights. Sometimes its in the form of a lover and sometimes just a friend that can fill that void. Until then just know you always have all these ladies here that will keep you company whenever you need!!!!