Dolly Hart


“Can say YOU started with a bang… With Dolly Hart!”

Hi! My name is Dolly Hart!

Petite, sweet, and absolutely discreet. As a true pansexual, I love getting to know and explore personalities from all walks of life. Easy going, open minded, an encyclopedia of useless facts; you and I can get pretty cozy, pretty quick. As someone who appreciates the beauty in many forms, let’s appreciate each other. We may also invite more sexy companions to the fun. Women are my weakness 😉

With experience in BDSM longer than full-service sex work, we can get kinky with ease. Let me learn you a thing or two if you’re curious. Or if you’re seeking someone to continue sharing and pushing the limits in some fetish fun, here I stand! Truly loving what I do, my mind is open to exploring.

Keep in mind…. “and who in case ‘you’ cannot hang, Can say YOU started with a bang… With Dolly Hart!”


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