Candy Kiss

Height: 5’ 4
Weight: 121 lbs
Bust: 34DD
Bi-Sexual: Yes
Fetish-Friendly: Yes
Fantasy Role-Play: Yes
Kissing/Cuddling/Make-Out/GFE: Yes

Email: [email protected]


“Taste The Candy—Feel The Love!!!”

Good to meet you boys! And girls! And couples! I am the very open-minded and versatile Candy Kiss, now in-house at the very cool Alien Cathouse brothel. Can I have a moment of your time? Great! I want to introduce myself, so you know what a sweet piece of candy I am, that you will just love tasting! I have been a naturally sexual person my whole life, and working in a brothel was always on my mind as a dream-job-cum-true! So here I am, come and get me! I am a very friendly, respectful and down-to-earth young lady who is the perfect classy companion in social settings, but a total whore in bed!

Come take a nice sunny drive out here to the brothel and let me show you around!

Full bar, comfy couches, lots of sexy ladies to take care of you—what more could you possibly ask for! It’s paradise! All of our rooms are upscale VIP-quality suites—perfect for me to grab you and throw you into my bed! Or, if you like the idea of being slowly seduced, I am more than happy taking my time with you as I tease and tantalize you to the heights of erotic ecstasy!

This is all real, and all true!

I am Candy Kiss and I am ready for you!

Click on my “Contact Me” button below right this very second! And be with me and all my lust tonight!



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