Alien Cathouse Brothel Is Under New Ownership

AMARGOSA VALLEY, Nev. — The Alien Cathouse in Southern Nevada is now under new ownership and plans are underway to take the legal brothel in an even more eclectic direction.

In addition to expanding on their already kitschy motif of science-fiction movie poster imagery and related memorabilia, the Alien Cathouse has launched a new initiative to bring in the top names in the porn industry for physical sexual encounters.

Adult stars like Charlotte Sartre and Alex Harper are already becoming popular feature attractions at the brothel, about an hour outside of Las Vegas city limits. More top stars scheduled to follow.

“In recent years, a lot of the porn industry migrated from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, and with it came a lot of its top performers who then became newly minted residents of Sin City,” Alien Cathouse spokesman Richard Hunter said.

“With so many big names in the adult industry now residing an hour away, the timing is perfect to bring them face to face with their fans who now have the opportunity to have a physical experience with them that they never before thought possible.”

Originally opening in 2012, the brothel had been owned by Dennis Hof until earlier this year, when he sold it to an owner with no prior experience in the world’s oldest profession.

Raman Sharma, a successful businessman with a diverse portfolio, was initially attracted to the property for its successful Alien Travel Center that operates adjacent to the bordello. However, upon doing his due diligence, he discovered that the legal brothel industry was poised for a makeover in the underserved — and often misinformed — Las Vegas market.

“So many people find out that prostitution is legal in parts of Nevada and end up making the mistake of thinking that it’s actually legal in Las Vegas, which it is not,” Sharma said. “We are located just over the county line, about an hour outside of Las Vegas, which is the closest point in relation to Las Vegas where it can be legal.”

To make up for the distance between the Vegas strip and the legal brothel, the Alien Cathouse offers free transportation to and from the Las Vegas area. Clients call the brothel to arrange their ride, and the driver not only gives them door-to-door round-trip service but also waits on while they enjoy their experience.

For tourists and curiosity seekers, no purchase is necessary at the brothel itself. Complimentary tours are given 24 hours a day for anyone that stops by, and some are happy to leave with nothing more than a souvenir T-shirt or menu of services.

The Alien Cathouse also features a 24-hour bar and an adjoining diner, which is a popular eating spot for locals and out-of-towners alike.

Visitors from all over the world are drawn to the the area to get a look at Area 51 (the super secretive government military installation bordering the Alien Cathouse, which has long been the subject of speculation involving extraterrestrial activity) and nearby Death Valley.

Call (775) 372-5678 24 hours a day for rides, reservations or further information.