Amelie Michaels

Age: 29
Height: 5’4
Weight: 127 lbs
Bust: 36D
Bi-Sexual: Yes
Kiss/GFE: Yes

Email: or

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“I Know It All–And I Do It All!!”

Hey there honey, nice to be here and say hi to you! All of you! My name is Amelie Michaels, and I am proud and happy as anything to be a courtesan here at Dennis Hof’s world famous Love Ranch-Vegas! As you can see from my pictures I am a well-trimmed blonde, with curves and smoothness that are just begging to be fondled. I am an experienced working girl, and as a result know all the tricks of the trade so-to-speak…but guess what? I am anything but jaded! That’s because I love what I do, and it’s always been my chosen profession–to bring exciting pleasure to others. You know, there’s nothing like a women who knows exactly…exactly what to do to give a man the orgasm of his life.

There are names like MILF and Cougar, but unless you are a truly sexual animal down deep in your soul, those words mean nothing. I am that sexual animal, and I want to unleash my passion as many times and in as many ways as is humanly possible! I relish the idea of a man really wanting me, or a woman, or a couple actually–being desired is my number one turn-on–when I know you are drooling for me, I will respond twice as horny! But let’s begin at the beginning…come out to the Love Ranch, and let me meet you at the door–dressed sexy, but classy–and give you a welcome kiss, and hug! Inside, you will see our very plush parlor of couches and chairs, we can sit and talk, and then on we go to the bar, a full bar, and a lounge that is perfect for drinks and further hanging out. But I really want to give you a full tour of the brothel, with all the different types and sizes of rooms, suites and VIP hide-aways. You can view all the options that are available to you, for our private time. But it’s my personal bedroom that I consider the best locale for our sexing. No matter what your needs are, let me apply my skills. I can strip for you, pose for you, and talk naughty for you! I can undress you, or you can undress me, or both–you are in charge, I am your love slave, make the best time of it you can! No rushing, no drama, no surprises…just hot sex, with every detail attended to with precision and sensitivity. Shall we get the show on the road? Of course! Please do take a moment to send me an email from the form on this page, and allow me to respond. That’s it, and the whole wide world of sexual fun is open for you, and me, and…us! Waiting to hear from you–and the sooner the better.


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